A curious mind is made of the unstoppable love to explore, to experiment and to experience, with a deep trust no matter what price you pay, it's worth it. Mine was forged in the fires of international advertising agencies, independently shaped by different cities and cultures, continuously cultivated in natures tranquility, musics power and imaginations craziness. It’s thrilled by human action, praising passion, perseverance and patience.

I am a storyteller at heart. With more than 15 years of experience as a professional creative copywriter, it was a natural progress to combine my other talent & passion for photography with my love for words & stories a few years ago. Today, I am working as a freelance photographer and copywriter for various clients around the world. The diversity of projects is inspiring and allows me to experience new things with great people. Being entitled to tell so many different stories is my personal luxury.

I spend at least half of my life outside,  love traveling & challenging my limits.  I call the mountains and the oceans my home, earth is my playground.


Photography is not about freezing a moment, it’s about praising it. Conveying the atmosphere, especially the parts you can’t see. It’s neither displaying an objective nor showing a feeling – it’s a syringe filled with emotion, ready to be injected.

I want my pictures to drag their audience into that moment, let them taste the air, see it’s movement, feel every sound. To me, that’s sharing an experience, sharing a special moment.

True storytelling.